Vayalur Murugan Temple
Vayalur Murugan Temple This temple in honour of Lord Kartikeya built by the Chola Kings is one of the oldest in South India. The images are awesome and majestic. Special mention has to be made of Nataraj – the dancing form of Shiva. Unlike other Nataraj images here both the legs touch the ground. Everything here is significant and unique carrying deep mythological meaning.

It is to the west of Trichy and is 9 km distant. The temple is surrounded by verdant green and it is this that has given it the name of Vayalur. Rivulets crisscross the fields that are dotted with coconut trees. There is an aura of peace about the place. The name of Shiva here is Agnishwarar. In front of the temple is a pond named Sakthi Tirtham and is believed to have been built by the particular weapon (sulayudham) of God Murugan.

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